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5 most important benefits in using the AGV system

AGVs are often used in industrial applications to transport heavy materials around a factory or warehouse. They are precise, trustworthy and have many advantages.

We picked 5 most important benefits in using the AGV system.

  1. FLEXIBILITY - AGVs can integrate with other automated equipment, such as AS/RS Storage and Retrieval Systems, AGV forklifts, conveyors, Warehouse Management Systems, etc.

  2. REDUCE OPERATIONAL COST - It can work at a steady consistent speed leading to lower maintenance

  3. IMPROVE SAFETY - AGVs help eliminates accidents and personal injuries.

  4. INCREASE ACCURACY - Human workers may make mistake and by replacing them with the AGV’S, the company can remove inaccurate workflow

  5. INCREASE EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY - AGV can eliminate unnecessary walking as well as the physical labor of transporting materials.

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